Diversity is the Key to Success

Non Food Installation Cambridge. Fabrications Yorkshire Water, Richmond, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Bradford, Leeds


non food project 1A mark of any good business is diversification, and Brookshaw Stuart know all about this subject. Originally aimed at the food industry, we decided to apply our talents in a number of other directions. This has benefited our skilled team greatly, as new abilities, in-depth knowledge and enhanced experience have been the result. One of these non food projects was particularly rewarding, yet came with a few of its own challenges.

Bio Fuel, Cambridge, required installation of a Kahl Pelleting Plant for maximum efficiency. We collaborated with engineering consultants and GDE Associates to carry out the complex installation. The work had to be completed while the plant was fully operational, causing as little disruption as possible. One of the challenges was the fact that height restrictions, made the installation of the BRT Bunker particularly difficult. It was understood that the bunker would be in two sections, whereas it was in fact delivered from Germany in one large piece. This called for the immediate commission of a second crane to offload the 8 tonne bunker. Thanks to innovative techniques and the assistance of Merlo Roto, we completed the job successfully and on target.

non food project 2Yorkshire Water
Brookshaw Stuart are also contracted to supply fabrication works for several Yorkshire Water operational sites. This work involves cleaning and sewage treatment works in the North, South and West Yorkshire. This work must be carried out to the highest standards, to ensure that water supplies are safe and uncontaminated.

Our projects have also included work for power stations, the steel industry, recycling centres, airline seat manufacture, chemical plants and fertilizer plants. We are committed to delivering a totally bespoke, and affordable solution for our customers whatever type of business. Read more about our non food projects here.


Power Station Fabrication, Large Scale Equipment Decommissioning, Selby North Yorkshire, Chemical Plant, Widnes, Cheshire

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