Market Leading Innovation for Flour Mills

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Flour MillsSwiss company Buhler, are leading innovators creating food processing solutions worldwide, and regularly developing new technology. Their Mercury MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a full factory automation system, integrating all functions into one simple process. It provides data from ERP, quality control, maintenance and other systems from a central database. It then automatically adjusts and manages the production process, improving efficiency and traceability. Alarms within the system will notify you if there is something wrong, and the Mercury MES’s dashboard allows you to easily identify what occurred. This new system has big advantages when it comes to time and cost savings.

With regard to digital solutions, Buhler states that ‘As the challenges facing our planet grow, so does the need for game-changing solutions’. Their Diorit roller mill is another grounbreaking product, and comes in a range of sizes. It is extremely user friendly, and can process a large variety of grains to the required specification. Buhler constantly develop and upgrade their products resulting in state of the art safety, hygiene and occupational safety. Buhler roller mills offer intuitive monitoring and control with operator simplicity in mind. The system can also be controlled remotely by connecting to the wireless network, then operated by smartphone, tablet or PC within the mill. A variety of clever modifications and functions mean a smooth, safe and low maintenance solution.

The Norit Purifier MQRH from Buhler ensures that the purification and grading of semolina and middlings in wheat, durum and corn (maize) is second to none. The machine has a newly designed housing and inlet for excellent product flow. The purifier has been designed to ensure that there are no losable parts, and streamlined cleaning and sanitation. The benefits of this high quality machinery include:

  • High yields of flour or semolina
  • Hygienic production
  • Maximum runtime
  • Bespoke configuration

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