Process Plant Engineering Projects

Project 12

IPS Bulk Material Handling

The projects involve the major overhaul of Eggersman BRT Hartner equipment including service and maintenance with training provided on the mechanical and electrical systems (Being taught how to use the control panel not to be confused with electrical maintenance)

Service on pieces of equipment for the customer was to the ballistic separators which involved the changing of the damaged walking beds. Service of the bag openers including oil changes and changing of the walking bed.

Challenges on site

Being taught about new machines and how to service them and ensure that they are within tolerances. Setting up the eccentric bearings to ensure the paddles walk the product in the correct direction.

Client Testimonial

Work with Brookshaws engineers quite often great bunch of lads turn up willing to learn and get the job done without headaches, what more could you ask.
Jim Comber

Project 13

Satake Roller Mill Replacement Matthews Flour Mill, Cotswolds

The project involves multiple planned shutdowns to replace and update 5 roller mills at Matthews flour mill in the Cotswolds. The replacement starts on a Friday morning and is completed by Sunday night. The old roller mills are broken down to the smallest components and then the main body is lifted using steel work that was installed above the floor is cut and lowered using chain blocks. The new machines are then lifted up and installed pipe work and spouting altered and underslung motors fitted.


Matthews flour mill floor is extremely tight to install the roller mills we had to install steel work to lift in and lower the new machine. Alter and move structural steel work. Remove cable tray and cut out flooring joist and replace flooring. Work at height was also an issue. The project time scale was very tight but we turned aroud the installation quicker than expected.

Client Testimonial

Great team of lads I would work with them all the time.
Pete electrical/mechanical engineer (Matthews Employee)

Project 14

Satake Pin Mill Installation Condimentum

The project involved the installation of new pin mill and associated pipework and spouting


No real challenges apart from reusing old spouting.

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