Process Plant Engineering Projects

Project 1

Installation of a Buhler A Mill at Heygates and Sons Ltd, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire

Having worked for the Heygate family for over thirty years building up a trusted relationship, Brookshaw Stuart was appointed to install the new Buhler A mill. We provided engineers with the expertise to install and fabricate and work alongside the client. Buhler ensured that the installation ran smoothly and was completed on time, to the client’s requirements.

The brief from the client was to fully strip out the old mill and install a completely new staircase tower and entablature for the machinery to be fitted on to. All equipment was then installed and connected with compressed air, blow lines and exhaust ducting.

Challenges on site

Brookshaw Stuart Ltd had a minimum of 15 engineers per day on site ensuring that all deadlines were met and the plant was commissioned to a high standard. The plant is now running to its full potential, producing great flour.

Whilst completing the installation, we also provided maintenance and breakdown cover for the Northamptonshire mill and the other mills and animal feed plants at Downham Market, Norfolk, Icklingham, Suffolk, Tring, Hertfordshire and Bugbrooke, Northampton.

Installation of a Buhler A Mill at Heygates and Sons Ltd, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire

Project 2

Installation of new Satake Mill at Tilda Rice. Rainham, Essex

Long History with Satake, in Rochdale, Manchester & Essex

Brookshaw Stuart and Satake have an ongoing partnership and a very strong relationship nurtured over time. This dates back to when the business was Robinsons Milling Systems, and Thomas Robinsons of Rochdale before that.

We are preferred contractors and work collaboratively with key designers and the sales team. Based largely on the working relationship and the trust built up over time, we were contracted to undertake the new installation package at Tilda Rice, Rainham, Essex.

From an early stage Brookshaw Stuart helped with the removal of old food processing equipment so that the new mill could be installed. Working on site with many other contractors, we successfully installed all equipment required in a safe manner and within the allotted time frame.

Ongoing Maintenance of Food Processing Plant

We have been back on site on several occasions since project completion, to provide maintenance services.

Project 3

Mustard Seed Processing

Installation of Henry Simons Mill Condimentum, Colemans Mustard, Norwich

Installation of Henry Simons Mill Condimentum, Colemans Mustard, NorwichHaving completed the previous mills for Satake, Brookshaw Stuart was invited to tender for the installation of the new Henry Simons Mill for Condimentum. This is the mustard processor for the well known Unilever brand, Colmans.

Successful Co-ordination with other Contractors

The requirement was for us to work alongside the client, TH Whites Projects Ltd and Smiths of Honningham Ltd. The brief was to deliver a high spec food processing plant package. We achieved this through regular on site design meetings and morning briefings. Brookshaw Stuart completed the installation safely and in time.

We take pride in the knowledge that we were part of a specialist team, who safely and in budget, completed the newest of only four such mustard plants in existence.

Process Plant Installation Hurdles

Installation of Henry Simons Mill Condimentum, Colemans Mustard, NorwichThrough the innovative use of a Merlo three-hundred-and-sixty-degree telehandler Brookshaw Stuart managed to install sectional bins through the pre-installed floors in a safe and speedy manner. This required close co-ordination by our team of fully qualified slingers, banks man and Merlo drivers.

Due to the layout of machinery and pipe work, Brookshaw Stuart also had to design and fabricate on site the supports for machines and pipework.

The installation package included compressed air, drag link conveyors, screw conveyors, sifters, bucket elevators, colour sorter hoppers, roller mills, purifiers and bulk bagging systems.

We connected all blow line ducting and compressed air systems, working closely with the electrical contractor and Satake Europe, the milling equipment supplier.

Satake Website Project Description

For a more detailed summary of this project please see the Satake website via this link.

Project 4

Installation of new odour removal equipment in line with the Environmental Agency requirements, at Gilbertson and Page Ltd, Welwyn Garden City.

Installation of new odour removal equipment in line with the Environmental Agency requirements, at Gilbertson and Page Ltd, Welwyn Garden CityWorking alongside GDE Associates, Brookshaw Stuart was contracted to install a new odour control plant. The new plant drags air from the extruders and dryers, through two new desotec carbon filters. The air is then expelled to atmosphere through a t30 metre high chimney.

Challenges On Site – Minimal Time Frame

The client’s requirements were that all processes that were in place for the removal of the odour from site had to remain active whilst installation was completed.

Due to the Environmental notices that would have been placed on Gilbertson and Page for not meeting strict odour control, the planning and installation had to be completed in a minimal time frame.

On Site Structural Steel Fabrication & Chimney Relocation

To speed up the installation process Brookshaw Stuart fabricated on site all structural steel and access platforms and then installed them. 1200mm stainless steel duct was fitted and, where required, stainless flanges welded to ensure accuracy of compliance to design.

Once all the ducting and filters were in place, shut downs had to be planned so that productivity of the mill was not impacted.

This required meticulous planning by Brookshaw Stuart, to remove a thirty metre high chimney stack from the middle of factory. It was then transported to a new location at the rear of the building and reconnected.

Project 5

Removal and reinstallation of tea mixing plant from China to Poland

Removal and reinstallation of tea mixing plant from China to PolandThrough previous projects for Nestle Purina and for the the project manager Peter Davenport, Brookshaw Stuart was commissioned to organise the removal of a tea blending plant, electrically and mechanically, from China to Poland and reinstate to the same output and quality.

Challenges on site

The project required communication between three different countries China, Poland and the UK. Working with engineers, consultants and fabricators, Brookshaw Stuart engaged GDE Associates to devise a working layout for the space in Poland. We also engaged Sterling Fabrications, Salford, to fabricate a bespoke platform that would encase the Boon mixers without hindering the load cell weighing system.

Due to stringent controls in China, equipment that was sent for the removal of the tea blending plant was impounded. So with minimal notice, we had to source locally, the equipment for the plant removal. Once the equipment was removed it was packed up and sent via rail to Poznan in Poland. Here it was then unwrapped and manoeuvred into position through an active factory and re installed.

At every stage of this operation we factored in the critical safety considerations of our engineers and the employees of ABF Twinings.

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