Some Benefits of Flour Mill Automation Systems

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AutomationAutomation systems offer a wide range of advantages for flour mills when it comes to production and quality. Automation helps to remove the problem of variability in the final product, and can even identify and make adjustments as a preventative measure, where needed. It also offers trending and historical data to ensure the most efficient methods of production are followed. In addition to the grain itself, the equipment may also be monitored, often predicting potential machinery failure. This can be catastrophic for any flour milling company costing money and time.

When operators are aware how their machinery is functioning, informed decisions about maintenance routines etc can be made. Automation systems positively affect the yield of milling plants in that:

  • There is less delay in reaction to any variables or unwanted changes, and adjustments can be carried out quickly and without issue
  • Operators, engineers and management may view information before deciding on a course of action
  • The automation system frees up staff who would otherwise need to be constantly present at each control point
  • These systems help mill owners to comply with regulations in addition to safety and quality

Even in developing countries, automation can increase safety, improve production, and boost plant optimization. Of course the level of automation differs quite a bit, with many developed countries achieving fully automated operations. These require only a minimum amount of maintenance personnel. The cost of these systems also varies considerably depending on size and sophistication. In today’s world, with VPN, automated systems can be controlled and supported conveniently from just about anywhere 24/7.

The milling industry is embracing the concept of automation across the board as it limits product recalls and avoids damaged reputations. The benefits of tracking of products includes maximum production, competitive costs, limited downtime and high quality products.

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