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Food Processing Advances in Technology, Pontefract

BrookshawarticleThe flour milling sector isn’t a stagnant one and advances are seen frequently, such as the innovative new robot that checks the quality of grain. The CROVER, is a grain ‘swimming’ robot that will reduce the amount of grain lost through pests, moisture and mould. It has always been a difficult and challenging job to monitor stored grain. This issue is partly responsible for 20% of post harvest grain losses globally. This has a significant negative impact for farms, cereal storage facilities, grain merchants, millers and breweries.

It’s believed that approximately 4.5 billion people each year are exposed to dangerous mycotoxins from grain moulds. Unpredictable harvests due to climate change have caused an increase in global demand for grain, as well as cereal storage loss. Inefficient grain storage is responsible for 6% of global food waste greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Reduction Dillema

There are huge efforts to reduce climate change, but there are difficult issues related to food production. Apparently 31 million hectares of farmland would have to be planted with just soy by 2050, to provide enough protein for the world. This is the equivalent of the total arable land in Germany and France combined. The devastating impact of deforestation with regards to climate change was acknowledged at the recent COP26 Climate Summit. A firm commitment at the Summit was made to reverse loss of forests and degradation of land by 2030

Forward thinking organisations are researching unique ways to solve issues and promote sustainability within food production. Unibio has developed a sustainable protein obtained from natural microbial fermentation.

Deforestation Solutions in Food Production, Pontefract

This new, innovative product is being produced at a massive scale, using a method which can provide unlimited quantities. The protein can adequately feed an increasing population while stopping deforestation. Estimations say that by 2050 there will be a population increase of 25%, almost 10 billion people. The Cerrado, the largest savannah region in South America, has been the source of production expansion in recent years. Just one hectare of virgin Cerrado, stores roughly 137 tons of CO2 equivalent. Major rivers throughout the area originate in the Cerrado. This is important as converting the Cerrado for use as livestock and crop production could decrease water flow. It may also reduce rainfall, and contribute to wildfires by prolonging droughts.

The production of fishmeal places undue stress on the marine ecosystem, as each ton of fishmeal produced means processing around 135,000 fish. Peru for instance, processes more than 4-7 million tonnes of fish per year.

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Pulses are often a protein alternative to meat, but are loved by most people whatever their eating habits or beliefs. They are rich in nutrients and resilient when it comes to conditions created by climate change. It’s expected that the demand for pulses will escalate over the coming years, along with a growing population. The largest region to consume pulses is Asia, China being the main buyer by 2021. Also in 2021, pulses were officially defined as grains, including lentils dry peas, chickpeas, dry peas, kidney beans, urad/mung beans, broad beans and minor pulses.

At Brookshaw Stuart we have worked with all types of food processing plants, whether it’s flour, rice, seeds, pulses and tea to name just a few. We are always ready for a challenge, and pride ourselves on coming up with the best solution every time.

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