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Flour MillsFlour is one of the most widely used ingredients throughout the world, bread for instance is eaten by 99.8% of the UK. This is why flour mills are so important nationally, and why the UK Flour Millers exists as an association that supports the trade. One of the subjects concerning many businesses and organisations these days is the push for sustainability and zero emissions.

Brexit and Covid have been the major issues for a while, but thankfully we can see the light at the end of these tunnels. Long term concerns to focus on now include the environment, and reducing carbon emissions. Most industries are aware they must make concerted efforts towards a sustainable solution. Fossil fuels are gradually being replaced by energy efficient forms of green power, and alternatives to non-sustainable processes are being developed.

The push for zero emissions is on the agenda of the UK government, the EU Commission and the population in general. UK Flour Millers work together with suppliers and clients to gain knowledge and form strategies towards accepted targets. As a result of these commitments, UK Flour Millers has re-launched the Environment Working Group. The group will facilitate communication and discussions between those involved in the sector. Group members can gain an understanding of the specific needs and challenges related to widespread sustainability. Other factors will include things like priorities, a sector environmental policy, investment and everyone receiving credit for their efforts. All of these pointers combined should provide an overview for stakeholders, customers and the public of the environmental contribution made by the industry.

Brookshaw Stuart applaud these efforts, and believe everybody should work together for a positive outcome, whatever the industry. Click on the link to find out more about UK Flour Millers.

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