Keeping Our Flour Production On Track

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Brookshaw Stuart flour millsIf most people look around their kitchen cupboards, fridges etc they will probably find flour in some form or other. Whether it’s bread, pastry, cakes or biscuits it’s highly likely that flour is consumed by everybody in the household. This fine powdery food product is at the heart of the food chain, and supplies 20% of the protein and energy to our diets. It also provides a third of our dietary iron and calcium, plus lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals. In the UK around 11 million loaves of bread, 2 million pizzas, and 10 million cakes and biscuits are produced every day. Daily production of flour amounts to about 14,000 tonnes in the UK, and approx one third of all the food and drink we buy contains flour.

The milling industry is a crucial part of the food production chain, and one that is heavily relied upon. This was particularly the case throughout the various lockdowns during the height of the pandemic. The industry struggled to meet demand and keep supermarket shelves stocked. Millers up and down the country took their role seriously and did their utmost to keep things moving. Management of shifts etc had to be flexible in the face of staff absences, and adaptations were made to work practices. This was done in order to make sure staff members were kept safe and protected while at work.

UK Flour Millers worked with the government and colleagues in the supply chain, producing best practice guides on the logistics of grain handling. There was also advice and guidance about face masks in the (food) workplace. All of these efforts resulted in our important bread production remaining stable at a challenging time. Of course another essential factor in the smooth running of flour production is the production line itself. This is where specialists like Brookshaw Stuart come in, bringing extensive experience and expertise to the milling industry. We offer process plant engineering to flour mills among others, with a uniquely customer focussed service.


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